Here's what parents are saying about Dunn Preparatory Academy



I would never imagine how having the smaller classroom and one on one could help my daughter grow academically. She is leaps and bounds farther ahead then we ever expected! Laura and Alex Olynyk 


Our son’s knowledge has grown exponentially since the beginning of the year. His reading and math level are far above our expectations. He is truly excited about learning! Brooke Mueller 


Our daughter was entering the 1st grade and lacking what she would need to succeed. Her self-esteem was suffering because she knew it. During summer tutoring at TPI Kids, they recommended DPS. Although skeptical at first, we took their advice and are blessed with the results. She not only has learned more, but is excited to go to school and her self-esteem is soaring! Steve and Sharon Ogline 


We decided at the last minute to send Cole and Lily to Dunn Preparatory and we are so glad we did! They love this school and tell me every week. Cole has been able to advance in all areas of learning and Lily, a kindergartener is reading! We love the teachers and staff because they are so wonderful with the children. We can not imagine sending them anywhere else. Ginger Clark 


Our experience with Dunn Preparatory School has been excellent! Our son has really excelled and it’s helped him gain confidence in areas where he was really struggling. He actually looks forward to going to school and learning new things. The small class size ensures us that he receives the attention and instruction he needs. The teachers are experienced, structured and kind. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this new school. We can not say enough good things about it! Malcolm and Amy Young 


The small class ensure that everyone know and cares about each other. Individual learn-ing and group learning allows each child to learn and benefit from others and set an example in different subjects. Dunn has lots of in/outdoor experiences and a calm non-chaotic atmosphere. Amazing Christian values are taught and applied. It is also very easy to communicate with the teachers and support staff. Karena and Chris Angelidis 


We loved the wonderful staff and environment at Woodland Early Childhood Center al-ready and when we heard that Dunn Preparatory offered multisensory learning, a smaller class size and the opportunity for children to learn based on their own needs we were ex-cited to learn more. After meeting Ms. Kate and Ms. Josi and previewing the curriculum we enrolled our son right away. It has been a perfect fit for him, he is making wonderful progress this year and most importantly he loves to come to school everyday. Rachel Fritsch 


We love Dunn Preparatory! Dunn has been a huge blessing for Hailey. She is not working at the 1st grade level though she is in 1st grade. We are not sure if she will be going to 2nd grade, if she is, we would love for her to be a Dunn. Ms. Kate and Ms. Josi have really helped Hailey in coping with all the transitions in her life and in moving forward with her school work. The thing I love the most is that the classroom is warm, inviting and has a loving atmosphere. Hailey looks forward to going to school. Gracie Wiedeman 


I am so glad we had an option for our daughter with sensory and language challenge to attend Dunn Preparatory. She is so happy and is learning at her own pace with a lot of one on one attention. JoAnn Brown 


Since my son has been attending Dunn Preparatory his reading and math skills have improved significantly. Also his short term memory has improved. He comes home happy and relaxed and looks forward to going to school. Michelle Busby