Our Programs

Dunn Preparatory
at Woodland Early Childhood Center

Dunn Preparatory is dedicated to providing pre-k through first grade students with a solid foundation for successful early literacy, learning, and language skills. Their unique approach to educating students benefits all learners through personalized, individual instruction specific to each student’s learning style. Dunn Preparatory goes above and beyond state standards for the instruction of both typical and struggling learners. Specially trained teachers educate students in small groups using research proven, multisensory techniques through implementing the Orton-Gillingham approach to address reading readiness, writing, spelling, and academics. The primary goal is for the child to discover the joy of learning by achieving their full potential to best prepare them for educational success which leads to a positive self-esteem.

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds is a program that the Brad Dunn Foundation incorporates into local preschools and early education centers.  It provides early learning educators with the tools, training, and materials required for providing students who are “at-risk” for dyslexia with successful foundations in reading and learning.